Here are some of the comments from our many happy customers:

“Norm, Charlotte and Company:
After so many years of doing business with you, I would like to sincerely thank all of you for taking care of not only my ‘Allie Accord,’ but also for taking care of me.  I came to you as a newly divorced, single Mom, with no clue about cars.  My Dad tried as best he could to fill in the gaps with keeping me aware of what needed done.  With his stroke a year ago, I realized even more how valuable the relationship I have with you guys is.   From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your kindness, skills, and honesty.  I still don’t know much about cars, but I do look forward to more years of business with you!   Happy New Year!”  Paula Ray Haffner

“This testimonial is way overdue.  I brought my car into Scott’s Imports earlier this year due to a recommendation from a friend.  They were very easy and accommodating to work with, which is great for me, because car problems are not fun to deal with.  I thought the repairs would take at least a week, but they only took a few days.  Scott’s Imports was quick to finish the work and had me back on the road right away.  After just a short time after my repairs, I had an issue occur that caused some additional expenses for my car.  I contacted Norm and he had me bring my car back so they could assess and make it right, and they did.  They are an honest and reputable car repair shop.  They stand by their guarantee.  That is a rare quality to find.  I feel confident to bring my car back in next time I need service.  Thank you, Norm and the Scott’s Imports Team.”  Vicki from Windsor, CO

“Two thing you want to look for in a car repair shop – a good mechanic and an honest one.  I think we’ve found both!”  Norris Chase

“It’s so nice to work with an honest mechanic!”  Angela Monger

“I’ve been bringing my vehicles to Scott’s Imports since before it was Scott’s Imports.  I know them, like them and trust them.  It’s definitely worth it to me to drive from Fort Collins to Greeley just to be able to bring my cars to a good repair shop.”  Dale Daniel

“I’ve been going to Scott’s for about 3 years now.  The previous business that I used, I would take my car to them and walk away in tears.  First, they treated me like an idiot.  Second, they would manage to tell you things about your car that would make it sound like a wrecking ball job.  I actually sold a perfectly working car because of those idiots.  After that, I was nervous, but took a chance at Scott’s.  They didn’t treat me like an idiot.  they would tell me what was wrong with my car, and if I needed any info broken down, I would ask.  This last time, they gve me a quote, but the repairs ended up being less than what they quoted.  Instead of charging me the quote, they charged me the lesser value.  I misunderstood something that Tom said, and because of MY idiocy, they actually delivered my car to my home.  It was sitting there at my doorstep when I got home from work.  This tells me that they are people pleasers!  They want people to come back … And I will!”  Sincerely, Ri delRio

“We just love the personalized attention we get here.”  Samuel Stuen

“It’s been broken for a month and a half.  I wish I’d known you guys had such a good reputation – I would have brought it here sooner.”  Fouch

“The only one in this town that I’ve found that’s honest.  Tell Norm that I appreciate it.”

“Every time I come in here I like you guys better and better.  I think you are really honest and you treat me right.”

“You’re so awesome!  You’re so kind!”

“I’m a Saturn owner and I’m so happy we found you.”

“I enjoy having a place to come where I can have fun!”

“I like to bring my care here although it’s a lot of miles from Fort Collins.  You are reasonably priced, and dn’t do any unnecessary work.”

“There needs to be more mechanics like you.  From here on out, I’m bringing all of my vehicles to you.  It’s worth the 45 minute drive.”

“I’m so glad I found you guys.  I am ipressed with you.  I appreciate your honesty.”

“I’m glad I found a place to bring my car that I feel comfortable with.”

“First of all I would like to say “thank you” for your professionalism over the phone.”

“You’re awesome – you’re the ONLY ones in town!”

“I really like your professionalism.  I trust you explicitly.”

“I enjoy coming here – thanks for taking such good care of me & all you do for me.”

“You really impressed my parents.  They said you knew what you were talking about.”


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