Norm has been the owner of Scott’s Imports for over 10 years and was the Head Mechanic at Scott’s before owning the business.  He has been working in the automative industry for over 20 years and has been an ASE Certified Master Technician for over 10 years.

Norm is a Colorado native who learned at a very early age that he was very “mechanically oriented” and always enjoyed fixing things.  In his spare time, he likes working on (and driving!) classic Ford Mustangs, remote control cars, and … well, just about “anything with wheels!”


Charlotte has been with Scott’s Imports since inception in July of 1999.  She has been instrumental in helping both owners of Scott’s Imports build and maintain this successful business.  Charlotte wears many different hats for the company and has been involved with cars for over 27 years, including antique cars (her favorite!), new cars, used cars, and currently car repairs.

Outside of the automotive busines, Charlotte enjoys the challenge of keeping plants alive and watching them grow.  Currently she has an apple tree growing in her office which she started from a seed in the winter of 2014.

Charlotte is a Native of Colorado and loves every opportunity to watch the sun set over the Colorado Rockies!




“My name is Harold Jakel and I am a Master Technician.  I have been an Automative Technician for thirty years.  I enjoy the challenges that working on a car brings.

I have been married for 18 years and I have two children, ages 23 and 15.  On weekends, I like fishing, camping, working outside and watching NASCAR.”



Andy has been an ASE Certified Master Mechanic for over 10 years and a Mazda Master Mechanic for over 8 years.  A mechanic for almost 18 years, he was worked in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and now in beautiful Colorado.  He is very focused, highly skilled, and able to fix, repair, imagine and create anything.

During his free time, Andy enjoys golfing in the summer and skiing in the winter.  He is a huge Pittsburg Penguins and Steelers fan.  He is currently renovating his house with his financee’ as they both moved out to Colorado from Delaware for winter sports in the Rockies!




Loud Mouth is the “Top Cat Shop Cat,” who adopted Scott’s Imports as quickly as we adopted him.  He loves attention almost as much as he loves snacks and treats.  

Loud Mouth roams the office, shop and parking lot at will, never misses his afternoon nap.  And … well … take a good guess as to why we call him Loud Mouth!!


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